Glass Artwork

Hildegard “paints with light” using dichroic glass to compose colour, lines and patterns and create mesmerizing fields of projected colour.

The inspiration for her work stems from the observation of light in nature. Glass is central to the artworks with it’s qualities of reflection, refraction, opacity and translucency. Her assemblages of glass ‘Make the Invisible Visible’ and create ethereal colour fields of unexpected temporal beauty.

Colour Refract I
Colour Refract Series
Linear Circle VIII
Linear Circle Series
Colour Construct III
Colour Construct Series
Linear Fold II
Linear Fold Series
Colour Field IV
Colour Field Series
Linear Fold I
Linear Fold Series
Tumbling IX
Tumbling Series
Linear Circle VII
Linear Circle Series
Colour Construct V
Colour Construct Series

Artwork is available in various sizes and framed in either acrylic or white wooden box frames. To see currently available works follow this link.